What is the Tuscaloosa Krispy Kreme Challenge?

The Tuscaloosa Krispy Kreme Challenge was first held in February 2013 right off of Paul Bryant Drive near the University of Alabama campus. It was modeled after the original race in Raleigh, North Carolina on the campus of North Carolina State University.  Find out more about their race and their charity, Children’s Hospital, here:  http://www.krispykremechallenge.com

What begins as a normal race, the Tuscaloosa Krispy Kreme Challenge, has an unusual twist.  Participants of the race will begin at the Start line, run one mile, pick up one dozen doughnuts, eat the doughnuts and run one mile back to the finish line.  We look forward to seeing all of the biggest doughnut fans at our annual event on February 29, 2020!

This is a spectacle and intended to simply be good wholesome family fun. All ages are invited to attend! And note – you do not have to eat the doughnuts to participate. Remember, this event is a fundraiser for our community’s kids in need through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Alabama!

Race Details

These are the categories :

  • The CHALLENGER participant must finish 12 doughnuts at the midpoint of the race in order to be considered for cash prizes.  Those in this group of participants are very determined to win cash prizes! $300 for 1st place, $200 for 2nd place, $100 for 3rd place for top male and female Challengers. NEW!! KIDS 12 and under are responsible for eating 3 doughnut minis.
  • The CASUAL participant can eat as many doughnuts, or as few, as they would like and then return to the start/finish line.  You DO NOT have to eat the doughnuts if you fall into this category.  You can walk, run or dance back to the finish line.  This is a very laid back category, so take it as serious or as casual as you would like!
  • TEAM INFO! – A TEAM can consist of 4-12 people (see how we did that there? 12 being a dozen and all).  Each team will be responsible for eating two dozen (24) doughnuts. Each team can decide how they would like to split the doughnuts between all members.  For example, if you have 4 team members, you each might decide to eat 6 doughnuts each.  You may even have members of your team that doesn’t even want to eat doughnuts, and that’s okay, too!
  • TEAMS are not required to cross the finish line together. When each member crosses, they must report to the volunteer holding their team sign to be checked off the list. When all members are accounted for, the team volunteer will blow the whistle to signify they are finished. The time of the last team member of each group that crosses the finish line and checks in with the volunteer will be what determines the team finish time.
  • FUN! We will award prizes for best team name, best costumes, and team place finishers.

Awards will be presented at the close of the event.